Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Child Left Behind

 Every year, my aphasiac child sits on Santa's lap, and when the man asks what she wants, I always say her wish first, then mine: a Cinderella doll (or an Elmo doll or a Blues Clues book or...) and a cure for Rett Syndrome. It is a cheap shot I know, but I still childishly hope that the Big Guy has a direct line to a power greater than me and NIH. But until the cure comes, and just in case it doesn't, what I really wish for is more people to greet us in the supermarket, more invitations to join the PTA, more community organizations with ramps, more day cares that serve children like mine, more cool teenage girl clothes that fit over diapers and leg braces and more sleep . And for Special Education to finally be put on the "nice" list. And for Congress to finally, finally fund special education the full amount as originally conceived in IDEA, finally leaving only sixty percent an unfunded mandate and really leave no child behind-- even those that cannot keep up. With an education, someday my child may be running this blog, instead of me.