Monday, January 12, 2009

Sarah Palin, Where are you?

Hi Sarah,

I hope things are going well with Trig's Early Intervention. How is Trig? Is he sitting up? How is the feeding going? How is occupational therapy? Physical therapy? What are you learning about special needs children?

Have you looked into special education in Wasilla yet, or will you keep Trig in anchorage? Our small town could not provide for our daughter, so we moved. It is a hard decision, but we do what we need to do for them, right?

I am wondering, as one working mom to another, how you and your partner juggle the schedule. We found a great parent participation early intervention program, but it was 20 hours a week-- more with home therapies. I ended up taking a year of family leave. Thank the voters for family medical leave, huh?

So, where have you been? After all that talk about funding IDEA and early intervention, I figured you would be out there with us this year. 

Maybe in a couple years. I don't think I had a moment to rest until my daughter was in second grade. Maybe we'll hear from you again about special ed once you catch your breath. I just keep hoping there is a larger purpose to you having this baby, besides of course the baby, which might be purpose enough. But we sure could use your voice, if you get a chance. 

IDEA needs you. Trig needs IDEA. Hang in there.