Saturday, March 28, 2009

AAC assessments

What should an AAC assessment include? How do I know if my child has had an appropriate assessment. This site at YAACK has a great description of what should be included in an AAC assessment and some links to other sites for protocols and tools for assessments. Go check it out, then share your ideas and experiences. I know some of the hard mistakes with my child's assessment were:

  • positioning and support- they were often running trials with chairs and other equipment that did not support her, so she was wiggling and stimming and not able to access the speech device. 
  • access- it took a long time to narrow her access method to eye gaze. for a long time, they wanted to stick with scanning and head pointing, both labor intensive and frustrating for my kid. 
  • low balling-- the district wanted to stay always with whatever the lowest cost solution was. often these were so unmotivating or so in accessible that they made my kid look less capable. once we got her on the right equipment with the right supports, she took off. 
I want to make this short so you click the link above. YAACK is great, and there is no point me recapitulating their great work here. 

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