Monday, August 17, 2009

IEP Questions to Ask

Here is the first of many comparisons between California and South Dakota. Had a meeting with my daughter's future IEP team last week. We were a bit concerned about the move for her sake-- moving to a small town, would they have the knowledge and resources to serve her? I have to say, it was the best IEP meeting I've ever attended. All I can think is it comes down to attitude and belief. Here, they seem to honor and value the laws protecting children with disabilities and it seems even the children themselves. Here are some new questions the team asked that I have never heard before:
  • Tell us how her disability impacts her education. 
  • What supports and related services does she need that we might not see on her IEP?
  • What assistive technology does she need? 
  • What equipment will we need to get to be ready for her? 
  • Does she have any durable medical equipment at school that we will need to provide?
  • What modifications will we need to make to the classroom to make it accessible and appropriate for her?
  • Does she own her device or will we need to purchase one?
  • What training will we need on her equipment, and what is the best resource?
  • What training does the staff need prior to her arrival?
All I can say is WOW. Thank you!! Thank you to our new community for the open armed welcome! I learned so much from this first short meeting. Thank you.